Computational data analysis

Measuring air polluters' responsibility in transboundary pollution networks Environmental Economics and Policy Studies DOI: 10.1007/s10018-017-0208-3 (SCOPUS, EconLit, ISI Listed). Από κοινού με Shunsuke Managi και Kyriaki Tsilika (2018).

This study proposes a new method of graph computing for environmental economics. We apply a weighted graph model that reproduces the structure of SOx emission–deposition  tables.  Our  data  apply  scientific  and  technical  data  on  emissions, atmospheric processes, and effects on the environment of sulfur oxides from the European Monitoring and Evaluation Program of the long-range transmission of air  pollutants  in  Europe.  Our  graph  metrics  consider  both  the  activity  and  the amount of pollution for each polluter.