Measuring sustainability efficiency using a two-stage DEA approach" has been formally accepted for publication in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Measuring sustainability efficiency using a two-stage DEA approach. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 20(5): 1159–1175 (SCOPUS, ISI Listed. Impact Factor: 4.356 and 5-year: 5.068). In common with N. Tzeremes and S. Kourtzidis (2015).

In this article we apply an additive two-stage data envelopment analysis (DEA) estimator on a panel of 20 countries with advanced economy for the time period 1990-2011 in order to create a composite sustainability efficiency index. We use a window-based approach in order to study the countries over the years. The sustainability efficiency index is decomposed into production efficiency and eco-efficiency indicators. The results reveal inequalities among the examined countries between the two stages. Eco-efficiency stage is characterized by large inequalities among countries and significantly lower efficiency scores than the overall sustainability efficiency and the production efficiency. Finally, it is reported that a country’s high production efficiency level does not ensure a high eco-efficiency performance.